Corfu Beer

Corfu Beer

Corfu Beer

The Corfu Microbrewery is situated in Arillas, in the northwestern corner of Corfu. They produce four different beers:

  • Corfu Special,  a fresh red beer with velvet taste and a fruity aroma.
  • Corfu Bitter, a fresh dark beer with bitter taste and rich aroma.
  • Ionian Pilsner, a blond pilsner, perfect for on the beach.
  • Ionian Epos, a dark beer with 7,5% alcohol, refermented with flower honey.

Corfu Special BeerCorfu Bitter beerIonian Pilsner beerIonian Epos beerThe two first beers (Special and Bitter) are unpasteurised and unfiltered and hence must be consumed within two months of production (which is usually not a problem!).You can find all Corfu beers in selected bars, both in bottle and in draught, and also in most supermarkets.

The brewery is open for visitors every Thursday and Saturday and you are welcome to drop by to see how beer is produced from natural ingredients, and of course to try!

Corfu Beer, Arillas, Corfu,

Tel: +302663052072

Fax: +302663052132


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