Hay Fever

on 17/04/2018

Natural Hay Fever Solutions

by Colleen Grassnick

For most people, spring is a joyful time when the temperature rises and the flowers blossom, but for others it is a time of constant discomfort – an itchy, runny and congested nose, tearing and swollen eyes, sneezing and irritated airways¹ can make day to day life in … Continue reading...

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on 16/04/2018

Cymatics is the study of sound and how it manifests physically through patterns and shapes usually upon a surface of a plate or other thin solid surface like a membrane. Pieces of tiny matter like sand or some other type of light liquid or paste is placed upon a thin surface and through various sound … Continue reading...

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Healing powers of music

on 03/03/2018

Music has been used as a form of healing for a very long time, its history goes back to ancient times. The Native Americans, in the US used chants and dances to heal. And in Egypt music was used in their temples, to heal and soothe the soul.

In ancient Greece the father of medicine

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2017 flashback in pics!

on 20/11/2017

Hello everybody!

It’s November, rainy, windy and getting cold (14 degrees…). Arillas is running on winter mode, with a beautiful empty beach, some restaurants opening toward the weekend, people picking olives and relaxing in front of the fire after a very busy season. And what a season 2017 was!

I have collected some of the

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How to help reduce waste in Corfu and Greece

on 29/07/2017

Corfu recently had another problem with waste, unfortunately this seems to be a common theme every summer. The island has a major problem with waste. It hasn’t got the infrastructure in place to handle the huge garbage problem in an effective, environmentally friendly way. However Corfu is slowly on a trajectory to improve its “recycling”

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Healing Sea Baths with Living Green Clay at Arillas

on 01/07/2017


Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was teaching at his initiations that you could keep healthy using, sunbaths and seabaths in combination with claybaths. Healing with clay is an age-old, non-invasive, natural practice!

Green clay is a compound of 60-80 pure trace minerals, fused together by heat in natural oxide forms and charged with a powerful … Continue reading...

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5 Benefits of Swimming in Corfu

on 21/06/2017

We came from the sea, our soul yearns to go back to it…

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for the Mind, Body & Spirit. Being in the waters of Corfu is especially good for you. Corfu not only has an unprecedented natural beauty, it also has the cleanest waters for you … Continue reading...

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How to compost 101

on 11/06/2017


Homemade composting is simple, efficient, sustainable, can help save money and even become fun!

Last year I was in Corfu and saw how the trash can become a huge problem on this beautiful island. There was a strike, trash was not being collected for several weeks and huge piles of stinking garbage

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Corfu in June

on 04/06/2017

The weather

Corfu in June is magnificent, it’s not too late into the summer and it’s not too early either – it’s perfect.

We get nearly 15 hours of sunlight during this month, the sun peeks out behind the clouds with a smile nearly all day. Mrs. Lady Sunshine is at her happiest time of

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