Tantra Essence Festival

One-World One-Heart

Arillas, Corfu 17-23 June 2017


We are putting a fantastic festival together, which is combining sublime Tantra with our world-class team of Tantra Teachers, Musicians, Dancers and Healers for a fun, transformative, sexy, loving and spiritually ecstatic celebration of life.

It is designed as a gathering of friends with the concept: ‘One-World One-Heart’. Offering a festival of the highest caliber in all areas. It is our joy to invite you to take part in this wonderful festival with plenty of love and talents

Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.
The Tantra Essence Festival is a gathering of friends, those special friends you may already know and also new friends you have not yet met! We are from the one-world one-heart family! Being in this festival is like coming back to your true home, a place you can relax and be yourself in full joy and harmony.

Teachers: Ma Ananda Sarita, James Stevenson, Shashi Solluna, Robert Silber, Lin Holmquist, Anahata, Sarani, Dharmaraj, Niraj, Deva Presence…

Musicians: Praful, Tarisha, Shivananda, Deva Presence

Book now for only 210 Euros,
Early Bird Price available till 31st of March

In this Festival you will be able to enjoy:

  • Exquisite Tantric Workshops, we are running 2 workshops parallel
  • Days full of celebration with music and dance
  • A cozy Tea and Cuddle Lounge, where you can spend time with friends
  • A wonderful poolside to play and refresh
  • Concerts with world famous musicians such as Praful
  • Shuttle service to the Town and Beach of Arillas
  • True holidays with daily beach time
  • High quality organic vegetarian/vegan cuisine
  • Individual healing sessions
  • Sacred tantric rituals
  • Sharings


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