Who are we?

We are a small team of friends, who all moved (back) to Corfu some years ago because we believed that the place where you live has a major influence on your life. We all had busy jobs in other parts of the world but didn’t feel content with the hectic business and running in circles our lives were built around. We knew that Corfu was a place of true beauty and abundance, a perfect place to live as much as possible in harmony with the natural rhythm of the Earth. And the island hasn’t let us down! On the contrary, in the midst of all the problems we all have to face due to the crisis, things are looking good!

Alex and Christina live in Arillas with our two daughters. We love swimming with the girls on the beach and enjoying the countryside of Arillas. We also like dancing at the Arillas festivals (where the best souvlaki in Northern Corfu is served!). You will find us at Zambeta Apartments, just 300 meters from the beach. If you are ever in Arillas, come by for a coffee or a glass of our delicious home-made wine!

Christos is half Corfiot, half Polichniotis (a suburb of Thessaloniki). We have been friends and partners for several years but in 2012 he also moved back to Corfu and is staying here until further notice. He has been a programmer for many years and can work magic with websites, PHP, HTML, WordPress and much more…!

We are waiting for Rodo’s CV!

Photo by Ian Southerin